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Collection & Receiving

What we offer


Receiver Tanks & Vessels

Our fully-enclosed, stainless steel receiving tanks are essential for clean management and analysis of large-batch spirits.

Sizes: 100-1,000 gallons


  • Vacuum and pressure relief valve for safe operation

  • Single walled or insulated and stainless steel cladded options

  • Clean-in-place for easy cleaning

  • Center draining bottom for complete drainage

  • Sight level tube

  • Accessory ports for fill, drain, transfer, and sensors


Spirit safes

Make accurate cuts of small batch spirit with a Bridgetown-crafted spirit safe. We offer multi vessel arrangements with hard piping manifolds to easily separate the Heads, Tails, and Hearts. Eye catching copper and brass accents are available upon request.

Sizes: 45-500 gallons


  • Three vessel arrangements with additional vessels optional

  • Clean-in-place spray balls come standard in each vessel

  • Hard piping manifold for Heads, Tails, and Hearts diversion with sample valves

  • Explosion proof or TEFC washdown pump options

  • Hydrometer float hold with sight glass

  • Sight level tubes

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