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Build Your Brewery

Getting started...

Creating a commercial brewery is a time consuming and detailed process that requires planning, permitting, licensing, and more. Once you know the style of beer you want to craft and the volume you want to produce, we can help you figure out how to get there, what equipment you need, and what requirements need to be met to succeed.

Ready to Design your Brewery?

Use the equipment requirement tool to get a list of the core brewing equipment you'll need to craft specific styles of beer.

Our Process

Our team at Bridgetown Brew Systems can help guide through every step of building your brewery floor, from initial planning to launch.


From budgeting to permitting, from electric to architectural decisions... we can help with every detail required to build a sustainable foundation for your commercial brewery.

Building & Sourcing

We spend time to understand your ideas and end goals, then build the equipment to make it happen. Our team custom builds and selectively sources all of the details and equipment needed for your space.

Installation & Commissioning

Bridgetown can arrange transport, assist contractors with the install of your brewing equipment, and run startup side by side with your team to ensure you have a clear understanding of your equipment processes.

Lifetime Technical Support

We're happy to provide all of our customers on-going tech support to make sure your brewing operations are always running smoothly! We’re here to help.


Our Brewing Equipment

 Our brewhouses, tanks, kettles, and brewing process equipment are made in-house and custom fabricated to meet your individual needs.

[Bridgetown] was incredibly fair and straightforward in talking through questions, developing a quote, customizing small details, and being patient and honest in every interaction. Our equipment was finished ahead of schedule. They found us a top-notch freight provider, and their support while commissioning the brewhouse was flawless, including reaching out to secondary suppliers with questions that they couldn't answer. As with selling beer, any form of sales is principally about relationships, and our relationship with Bridgetown and its work has been ideal and without complaint. 



Bookhouse Brewing



We work with many types of financiers as well as offer our own financing option for customers.

WE ARE PROUD TO WORK WITH leaders in brewing

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Helpful Brewing Resources


Let's build your brewery!

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