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Build Your Distillery

Getting started...

Starting a distillery is a long and complex process that requires planning, permitting, licensing, and more. Once you know the types of spirits you want to make and the volume you want to produce, we can help you figure out how to get there, what equipment you need, and what requirements need to be met.

Ready to Design your distillery?

Use the equipment requirement tool to get a list of the core distilling equipment you'll need to craft specific spirits.

Our Process

Whether you're just starting out or already in the build out process, we can support you at every step of your journey.


From budgeting to electrical and architectural assistance... we can help with every detail required to build a sustainable foundation for your future distillery.

Building & Sourcing

We spend time to understand your ideas and end goals, then build the equipment to make it happen. Our team custom fabricates and selectively sources all of the equipment and components needed for your space.

Installation & Commissioning

Bridgetown can arrange transport, assist contractors with the install of your equipment, and run startup side by side with your team to ensure you have a clear understanding of your equipment processes.

Lifetime Technical Support

We're happy to provide all of our customers on-going tech support for as long as they own their equipment to make sure your distillery is always running smoothly! We’re always here to help.


Our Distilling Equipment

From mashing to blending, we’re equipped to support you at every part of the distilling process. All of our products are hand-crafted in-house at our Oregon facility. Supporting mechanicals are offered using only high-quality North American partners.

The folks at Bridgetown make quality stills. I have been so happy with their product that I went back to them for my second distillery. I have not used any other still manufacturer but I have compared my stills with others that I have seen visiting other distilleries. I've used the both 6 plate and 16 plate stills from them and they are a beasts. The people of Bridgetown will give you, not only a great still, but also great support. Not once have I called Loren with a question that he wasn't able to answer. When you call, you go straight to the source.



Nick Kotrides

Uncle Jumbo’s American Vodka

Two men stand next to distilling equipment in distillery

Financing OPTIONS

We work with many types of financiers as well as offer our own financing option for customers.



Let's build your dream distillery.

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