Bridgetown Brew Systems manufactures top of the line oil extraction vessels, initial filtration, and evaporation equipment. With manual, digital, or PLC automation available, you can choose the right equipment for your facility. Full systems include cryogenic cooled and insulated soaking vessels with agitation and post soak drying feature, filtration, and evaporation recovery. Typical CBD or THC oil extraction systems range from 20 gallon to 300 gallon material batch sizes with up to 5000 gallon support tanks in either modular component designs or complete loop systems complete with falling film evaporation solvent recovery system, dynaline chiller, steam boiler, and explosion proof components.


Typical throughput for 20 gallon: 17-20 lbs per 20 min cycle

Typical throughput for 60 gallon: 51-60 lbs per 20 min cycle

Typical throughput for 100 gallon: 85-100 lbs per 20 min cycle

Cycle time is based on user attendance.



CBD THC Oil extraction system.jpg